Vancouver Counselling Home with Ishtar Beck

providing relationship and couples counselling, holistic individual counselling, parent guidance, shamanic soul retrieval, and parenting classes in Vancouver, B.C.


Welcome home.

Looking to improve your relationship this Fall? My radical approach to couples counselling will allow you and your spouse/partner to experience a breakthrough in communication and feel closer again. Sessions can be booked in person at two Vancouver B.C. locations, or over Skype. Please inquire.

A safe space awaits you, in which you will find guidance, counselling, and support for creating a fulfilling life — a life you feel at home in.

I offer skills and strategies for the challenges you are dealing with:

  • grounded approaches for handling the ‘curve balls’ of life
  • fresh perspectives that make a difference and bring relief
  • assistance in resolving family issues: parenting counselling (Vancouver, B.C. and over Skype), family relationships, couples counselling, sex and intimacy, separation and divorce
  • effective marriage therapy and relationship counselling: monogamous and non-monogamous (open, poly) relationships
  • depth psychotherapy for leveraging out of depression, anxiety, and destructive emotional and behavioural patterns
  • help with metabolizing loss and exploring grief
  • coaching for dealing with anger, interpersonal difficulties, and family conflict
  • working with self-compassion and self-esteem, positive psychology
  • thinking big: creating a vision for your life
  • support for your transition from surviving to thriving
  • guidance for making and sustaining positive transformation – within yourself, and with the people you love most

If you are facing a life transition or a ‘rough patch’, I will assist you in finding a map for the path you are walking, so that you may navigate through successfully and experience growth and healing.

If you and your spouse, partner, or another family member are caught in a conflict that appears unresolvable, I will help you to communicate effectively with each other, so that you may come to understand one another again and find renewed intimacy. All relationships are welcome (monogamous, non-monogamous, parent-child, siblings, and groups/families, inclusive of the full spectrum of gender identities and sexual orientations).

If you are a parent, I will help you access the guide you wish your kids had come with, so that conflict will decrease and cooperation and joy will increase in your home. As a parent counsellor, I offer tools that can be implemented with your child immediately, and are tailored to your family. I also lead parenting classes in Vancouver, B.C. These parenting classes will assist you in laying a solid philosophical foundation for respectful, responsible parenting – and raising respectful, responsible children.

For an immediate parent counselling resource, click on the “Parenting video” button at the top or bottom of this page. To watch my Welcome video, click below:

The first 10 minutes of your consultation are complimentary, on the phone or in person, if we have never met before. Sliding scale spots may be available.

To inquire and to book, please call 778 868 4181, or click here.