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Whether you are looking for individual counselling, couples counselling, parent guidance, or parenting classes, welcome! Questions? Ask via the Contact page. Click the "Book with" buttons to schedule an appointment with Ishtar Beck, RCC or Christina Bialik, CCC. We look forward to answering your inquiry and welcoming you in person to CounsellingHome.

Services & Fees

COUNSELLING: in Vancouver, B.C. and over phone or Skype
brief counselling, depth psychotherapy, and consultations

For: individuals, couples, and families facing challenges and life transitions

**CounsellingHome welcomes Christina Bialik, MCP, CCC as an associate counsellor. To inquire about Christina’s services, please contact Ishtar or email Christina directly at

Ishtar’s services as a registered clinical counsellor (RCC) include individual counselling for healing depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, and loss; couples counselling for relationship difficulties and family conflict; counselling for pregnancy and fertility issues, post partum depression and post partum anxiety (PPD/PPA); couples counselling with monogamous and non-monogamous (open & polyamorous) relationships, pre-marital counselling, and divorce counselling; family counselling; parenting counselling; counselling for sexuality, self-esteem, creativity, and identity issues.

Whatever the problem may be, I will assist you in accessing the strength and resources to not only face it, but also to learn, grow, and experience healing in the process.

I offer a caring, non-judgmental, confidential, and safe space, a radically open mind, a quirky sense of humour, and a substantial tool-box full of practical tools you can begin to implement right away.

My main modality is holistic Adlerian counselling (Individual Psychology) with a humanistic perspective. My favourite quote by Alfred Adler is, “Everything can also be different.” Yes, it can!

Worldviews and methods originating in feminist, multicultural, LGBTQ+ and anti-oppression, Jungian, Gestalt, narrative, existential, and mindfulness therapies, as well as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and solution-focused tools, are also part of my therapist’s tool-box.

Ecotherapy has been a recent, significant development in my practice: bringing the natural world into counselling sessions. We may sit in the office or studio, or we may walk and talk outside, depending on what feels supportive for you on a given day. Moving and breathing outside may elicit a new sense of connection and empowerment.

Fees for individual counselling: $130 per hour (55-minute) session + GST. Low income spots may be available. Please inquire.

Fees for couples therapy and family counselling: $150 per hour (55-minute) session + GST. For couples and families 1.5-hour sessions may be recommended.

Fees for individual counselling with Christina Bialik, MCP, CCC, CounsellingHome associate: $110 per hour (55-minute) session + GST. Low income spots may be available. To book an initial session with Christina, please click the Book a Session button at the top of the page or contact Christina directly at

Fees for counselling services may be covered by your extended health benefits plan. Sliding scale spots may be available. All inquiries are welcome.



parent guidance and 1-to-1 tailored parenting workshops

For: parents (individuals or couples) of diverse backgrounds and circumstances, who parent children of any age and children with varying levels of ability.

I offer guidance and counselling support for one of the most challenging and (ultimately) most rewarding jobs adults do – and for which many may feel least trained and prepared, as I certainly did when I became a parent.

The crux of this work is the question: how can we raise responsible children to their full potential in a loving, encouraging environment? Immediate, concrete steps emerge from these sessions. Shorter feedback and follow-up sessions are provided. Behaviour issues are addressed through my unique approach, which combines attachment and loving connection with firm and friendly discipline.

Parenting through divorce is one of my areas of specialization. If you and your children’s other parent are separating, I will guide you through a step-by-step process that will create a sense of safety and support for your children throughout the transition. Please inquire about holistic divorce counselling.

My work with parents and families is supported by my training background with S.T.E.P. (Systematic Training for Effective Parenting), Adlerian parenting methods, and post partum work, as well as materials developed in conjunction with Jane Nelsen’s work on positive discipline, Gordon Neufeld and Gabor Mate’s work on attachment, Lawrence Cohen’s work on playful parenting, and Susan Stiffelman’s work on parenting without power struggles.

Fees for parenting counselling: $140 per hour (55-minute) session + GST. It has happened repeatedly in my practice that issues have been resolved following a single session. Should the need for additional guidance arise, shorter sessions may be booked for follow-up and support at a rate of $100 per 45-minute session + GST. These fees may be covered by your extended health benefits plan. All inquiries are welcome.


parenting talks, classes, and workshops in Vancouver, B.C.

For: parents, step-parents, and people in a parental role such as grandparents and caregivers, and any who wish to examine, enrich, and improve their ways of relating, modelling, teaching, and reaching children.

I deliver engaging, informative, and inspiring talks for parents and teachers on an ongoing basis at schools, wellness centres, and organizations. For an up-to-date schedule of talks, workshops, and ongoing parenting classes, as well as information about fees and tuition, please see my Parenting Workshops page. To view my signature Parenting ABCs talk filmed in September 2015 at Empower Health on Commercial Drive, Vancouver, B.C., please click the “Parenting video” button at the top or bottom of this page.


power retrieval and soul retrieval

For: those individuals who may sense that something in life has become lost, is missing, or incomplete; that a sense of vibrancy experienced in the past is currently inaccessible or disconnected; that a return to living fully is yearned for.

Please contact me directly to learn more about shamanic ways of finding what has been lost, repairing what has been broken, and retrieving a full-bodied, full-spirited sense of wholeness.

Over 15 years of experience as a shamanic practitioner and shamanic counsellor using both ancient and modern methods are at the foundation of my practice.

Fees for shamanic healing and counselling: $180 per 75-minute session + GST. A series of 4 sessions is offered at $600 + GST. All inquiries are welcome.