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Talks & Workshops

couples counselling Vancouver B.C.Raising the Next Generation: a parenting workshop in East Van 

Facilitated by Ishtar Beck, MA, RCC, CPF, with Deborah Buthmann, M.Sc.

Wednesday evenings: March 13, April 3 & 17, May 1, 15, & 22, June 5, 2019

7:00-8:45pm at Spade Coffee, 1858 Commercial Drive, Vancouver BC

This workshop guides parents of children ages 0-12 in creating more cooperation with their kids and greater joy in the family. In a 7-week program we will learn and apply methods of effective communication, firm discipline, and loving connection with our children. Based on the highly regarded STEP program blended with attachment and mindfulness practices, this workshop comes with a warning:

Parents, beware!

A sense of effectiveness and calm may emerge from the skills gained in the workshop. Dedicated practice will increase how confident and connected you feel in your parenting – and your kids will feel it too!

Tuition: $249 per household, including GST. One or both parents may attend.

Registration: To register, please contact Ishtar to confirm the availability of your spot via phone or email. A registration form will be sent to you in reply. Cheque, cash, and e-transfer are accepted.

Sliding scale spots may be available. No parent will be turned away due to financial constraints. Please inquire directly with the facilitator; inquiries are kept confidential.

Raising the Next Generation takes place in an open, inclusive, non-judgmental environment that celebrates diversity, recognizing that East Van is home and safe haven to families of diverse shapes, forms, sizes, arrangements, gender identities, sexual orientations, cultural backgrounds, languages, religions, socio-economic levels, political ideologies, and relationship preferences. Anyone who is a parent or in a parental or educational role is welcome in the class.


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FAQs about the workshop:


1) What is your parenting philosophy?

The content of the S.T.E.P./Raising the Next Generation workshop is based on the Adlerian system of democratic parenting and Jane Nelsen’s Positive Discipline. These approaches are combined with attachment practices from Hold on To Your Kids by Gordon Neufeld and Gabor Mate, Playful Parenting by Lawrence Cohen, and Parenting Without Power Struggles by Susan Stiffelman. The synthesis of the materials is built into the curriculum. Reading is recommended but not required. Group discussions and brainstorming make it all come alive. The tools taught are practical and can be implemented immediately at home.

For a more detailed description of the S.T.E.P. and Positive Discipline approaches, here is a resource:


2) What is the format of the parenting class?
The classes are participatory. We are great believers in experiential learning. We aim to facilitate situations in which parents learn from each other. There are plenty of thought-provoking exercises, small group discussions, and in class #4 we even sculpt play-dough. The first class in the series has a talk as part of the evening, to lay a solid foundation for the rest of the material.
3) Is childminding provided? Can we bring the kids?
Childminding is not provided as part of the workshop. We come to the group space to enjoy educational adult time in the evening. We take time away from the kids in order to examine our parenting and laugh and learn. Babes in arms are welcome.
4) Why is the tuition per household (East Van)?
The tuition is priced per household so as to make it affordable for both parents to attend and pay for child care too. In other words, you’re not being asked to pay double tuition as well as the babysitter. If you are encountering financial obstacles, please talk to me about it. Single parent/single income/low income families may receive a sliding scale option.