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Warm greetings

from me, Ishtar Beck. Among my many roles in life, I am a registered clinical counsellor (RCC). I am an educator, speaker, author, trying-to-be-conscious parent, and wicked stepmother too. I provide relationship counselling, holistic individual counselling, parenting counselling, parenting classes, and group facilitation services in Vancouver, B.C. When requested, I provide long distance counselling and coaching services via phone and Skype. People from all walks of life have privileged me with witnessing their stories, struggles, and courage to grow and heal.

I regularly lead S.T.E.P. (Systematic Training for Effective Parenting) and Raising the Next Generation parenting classes in schools and organizations in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. I greatly enjoy speaking with parents. I am often found at a school library presenting my distinctive approach to compassionate, firm parenting. A profound sense of satisfaction arises from answering parents’ questions, witnessing “aha” moments, and watching a sense of community emerge as we realize we are all in this together.

Since 2002 I have been offering clients a safe space in which they may find encouragement and healing. I have been professionally counselling parents and families in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland since 2009. I maintain professional registration with (1) the BCACC as a registered clinical counsellor (RCC), (2) the CCPA as a Canadian certified counsellor (CCC), and (3) the APABC as a certified parenting facilitator (CPF).

First and foremost, I see myself as a human being who has lived and learned through personal challenges. I feel called to help and support others because I have been through “tough stuff” myself. I have grown through my own experiences of difficulty by both self-help and by reaching out for counselling support. Acupuncture at community clinics such as Poke has also been a great resource for me, and for many of my clients.

My dedication to personal and professional development continues to grow. My commitment to living fully in body, mind, heart, sexuality, spirit, and relationships informs my connection with the world on both personal and professional levels.

My areas of specialization:

  • Parenting Counselling and Family Counselling
    • behaviour and misbehaviour
    • infants and toddlers: creating cooperation, including sleeping and eating habits
    • middle childhood: attachment and discipline
    • the teenage years: promoting responsibility
  • Parenting through Divorce
    • step-by-step guidance through the stages of parents’ separation
    • providing children with safety and security, and promoting resilience while the family is in transition
    • co-parenting guidance: Vancouver, B.C. and over phone/Skype
  • Reproductive Mental Health for Women and Families
    • counselling and support for healing post partum depression (PPD) and post partum anxiety (PPA)
    • challenges related to pregnancy and childbirth
    • body/identity issues in the transition of becoming a mother
    • fertility and infertility counselling
  • Depression, Trauma, and Loss: Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy
    • coming back to life from deep, dark, stuck, and treatment-resistant depression
    • recovering a full sense of self, from mild to severe trauma
    • metabolizing loss and finding a new sense of vitality
  • Couples Counselling and Relationship Counselling
    • respectful communication and effective conflict resolution
    • transforming struggle into success in the areas of money, emotional support, intimacy and sex, power balance, and child rearing
    • monogamous relationships; open and polyamorous relationships, across the full spectrum of gender identities, sexual orientations, and relationship preferences.

Vancouver counsellorCurrently I offer a complimentary 10-minute consultation as part of a 1-hour initial session with new clients who have never met me before.

The purpose of an initial session is to discover how we may work together to help you create the life you wish to come home to. I am committed to each and every one of your sessions with me resulting in your learning at least one practical tool you can begin implementing immediately in your life. Please contact me to book an appointment and to answer any questions you may have.

A compassionate, caring, non-judgmental, safe space awaits you at Counselling Home. Welcome.



I believe that people of all ages are resilient, and are constantly engaged in learning.

Every human being has created, and can therefore transform, his or her attitudes, actions, life vision, and ways of belonging. With intent and dedication, I believe we can significantly impact our day-to-day struggles in a positive way. Our bodies, minds, hearts, and relationships can heal.

When we experience problems, that may serve as a trigger. We then begin to mobilize our resources. I view counselling and parenting classes (whether in a group or 1-to-1) as resources that you may use to achieve your life goals. My role as a professional counsellor is to be a supportive, knowledgeable companion on your journey.

My first task as a counsellor, and also as a parent educator, is to help you formulate your goals for growth, healing, and development, in the areas that you wish to focus on. In my experience, setting the intention is a therapeutic act in itself. The same is true for participation in a parenting (or other) class or workshop: the act of focusing on a wish to grow in a certain direction, with investment of time and energy to this end, opens the door to transformation and growth.

In my personal philosophy, growth is a journey. The path may reveal wondrous new discoveries. At certain junctures, it may also involve working through pain from the past and confusion about the way forward. In my personal as well as professional experience, the healing journey can be as difficult as it is illuminating, and as chaotic as it is inspiring and joyful. Ultimately, however, when we intend to live more fully and dedicate ourselves to working on it, we are rewarded. Since each of us is a unique individual, your experience will be distinctly your own.

As a professional counsellor, I am committed to supporting your goals and growth, healing, and optimization as you experience them. The journey’s destination is your life: coming home to yourself, to living the fullest life you can live. Welcome.



This is a partial list of modalities I have trained in.  It is perpetually growing, so that I always have additional services and skills to offer my clients and community.

  • Adlerian psychotherapy and counselling – with a holistic, systemic approach
  • Mindfulness-based counselling
  • Healing trauma through re-writing and re-wiring early memories
  • ACT: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • Systematic Training For Effective Parenting (S.T.E.P.) workshop facilitation
  • Parent guidance: 1-to-1 parent counselling sessions and group work
  • Post partum counselling; pregnancy and fertility counselling for women and families
  • Couples counselling and group counselling
  • Shamanic healing, teaching, and counselling, with emphasis on soul retrieval
  • Psychodrama and group dynamics.

I look forward to welcoming you to Counselling Home.